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By Katrina Geenevasen/Kingston This Week

It’s proof that there is some really great theatre right here in Kingston.

King’s Town Players are presenting Proof at the Queen’s University Rotunda Theatre until April 28.

Written by David Auburn and directed by David Slack, Proof is the story of Catherine, the daughter of a brilliant but mentally disturbed mathematician named Robert.

"Proof is pretty much a classic in terms of the theatre community," said David Slack. "It’s one of those plays where the characters themselves are so real and the writing is so compelling."

In the play, Catherine is trying to come to grips with the possibility she may have inherited her father’s insanity. Complicating matters are one of her father’s ex-students, Hal, who wants to search through Robert’s papers, and her estranged sister, Claire.

"Proof is kind of a complicated show," said Slack. "I see it as more of a ‘relationships’ production. It’s about the relationships between a father and a daughter, the daughter and her sister, and then there’s a love interest."

There are also a lot of different emotions within the play, and it’s written in such a way that it’s compelling to all audiences.

"It’s very much about real people," said Slack. "They’re not contrived. You’re going to recognize these characters. It’s like a soap opera. You want to see what happens next. You become invested in the characters throughout the play."

The actors in the play feel the same way, saying the story will mirror many people within the audience.

"It’s a brilliant script," said Sue Del-Mei, who plays Catherine. "It’s a very beautiful story, and the characters within the story are so wide and varied that some people will see their own lives reflected in them."

"Through its characters, it’s able to really touch the audiences and connect the audiences in many different ways," said Ray Jacildo, who plays Hal.

Michael Catlin is no stranger to the world of theatre in Kingston, and is a veteran producer and director.

After seven years behind the scenes, he has switched hats and is thrilled to be back on the stage.

"This has been terrifying," said Catlin with a laugh. "But really fun, too. It’s such a good script. And I think almost every time I read it, I find some other connection in it."

Anne-Marie Pap, who plays Catherine’s estranged sister, Claire, is encouraging Kingston audiences to come see the show not only for a night of great entertainment, but to support local theatre.

"Nowadays, if we don’t get out to see live theatre, the arts are going to be lost," said Pap. "It’s so different from sitting in front of a big screen and being entertained, or sitting in front of your television and being entertained. When you see live theatre, you get to become emotionally attached to the characters on stage because they are living, breathing people and so it pulls you in a little bit more."

Slack says not to be daunted by what might seem like a heavy script.

"I think Kingston audiences will be surprised on how easy the show is to watch," said Slack. "There are not a lot of dramas done in town because sometimes they can be heavy. I’m not saying our subject matter is light, but the writing, characters and the actors move this along."

As if presenting a play isn’t enough to keep the King’s Town Players busy, the troupe is also getting ready to host its third-annual Beer Dinner.

The season launch party will take place at the Kingston Brewing Company Thursday, May 3, at 5:30 p.m.

Throughout the evening, guests will be treated to three selected micro-brew half-pints, a three-course meal, and of course, a taste of what the upcoming theatre season will bring.

Tickets for the event are $50 per person and are available at the Kingston Brewing Company or through the King’s Town Players website at

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